Brass Box Hinges

WHAT are Brass Box Hinges?

Our Brass Box Hinges are precision made to our exact design and specs and are made to be mortised into the inner edges of a box so that when the box is closed only a small portion is seen from the rear.  They are specially designed with a built-in stop to keep a box lid open at 92 degrees.  Each leaf is 8.00mm wide and 2.80mm thick.  Length from pin centre is 40mm.  Ideally the box size should be at least 150mm x 150mm  and no more than 450mm x 250mm. Our recommended box wall thickness is between 12mm to 15mm.

We also have a larger brass box hinge in the same design which are ideal for larger boxes  and are available in either Solid Brass or Solid Stainless Steel. Not only are there six screwholes rather than the standard four for each hinge, the screw size is also a very robust no 4 instead of a no 3. The length of screw is therefore 25mm rather than 16mm or 5/8 inch. This additional length provides greater support, anchoring the hinge to the box. The large box hinges are 60mm long x 9.5mm wide, with a 3.85mm leaf thickness. The standard 9.5mm or 3/8 inch cutter can be used to fit these mighty hinges.

The hinges are created from solid brass or stainless steel so if they are accidentally scratched the marks can be sanded out rather than having to take the expensive option of replacing them which would happen with plated hinges.  Each pair of hinges are supplied with 2 sets of brass screws – No.3 x 5/8 inches or for the large Neat hinge No.4 x 1inch


WHO would be using brass box hinges?

The brass box hinges – neat hinges - are ideal for anyone wishing to create a box using top quality, easy to fit hinges (useful instructions provided).  We supply worldwide to box makers, cabinet makers, furniture makers, woodworkers and hobbyists. Makers who require a quality, precision made, highly polished hinge for their finest bespoke boxes use our brass box hinges – the Neat Hinge.  An additional benefit is that the neat hinge can be purchased as part of a matching hardware team - lock and hinge - known as the Neat Team, a solution which is best when a co-ordinated look is all important.  Matching Neat Tray Handles are also available.

These solid brass hinges are shipped worldwide, so when you purchase online your postage is automatically calculated and you can either pay online via paypal, another method, or contact us directly to arrange a bank transfer. 


WHERE are brass box hinges used?

The Brass Box Hinges are used for the creation of many different types of well-designed, custom made boxes, such as jewellery boxes, keepsake boxes, cufflink and watch boxes, currency boxes, stationery boxes and gentlemen’s boxes.  They are part of a set known as the Neat Team which includes a pair of brass hinges and a matching lock that can be purchased separately or as a team - the Neat Team.  These hinges and matching hardware can be purchased directly from us on-line and are shipped worldwide.


WHY are brass box hinges used?

There are a variety of hinge types available on the marketplace including side-rail hinges, butt hinges, barrel hinges, cylinder hinges, soss hinges and L-shaped quadrant hinges.  We sell stop hinges including our own well-designed neat stop hinges in solid brass and solid stainless steel, as well as quadrant hinges in a gold finish and nickel finish, and rear stop hinges in a brass finish and nickel finish.

The advantange of our brass box hinges over L-shaped quadrant hinges is how easily and how short a time they take to be fitted.  Unlike the brass box hinge which are precision made, the L-shaped quadrant hinges are generally stamped brass and although they are cheaper can be frustrating to fit and can end up costing more in effort and money if you find you need to purchase a jig/routing template to complete the task.  Cylinder hinges, soss hinges and barrel hinges are all inexpensive hardware options however they can require chamfering or rounding at the back side of the lid which affects the overall appearance.  They also lack the quality look and feel that the neat brass box hinge exudes. As for butt hinges they are cheap stamped brass and tend not to have a stop system, which is ideal for such boxes as flute cases, but not for other box types.  From an aesthetic viewpoint butt hinges are one of the least pleasing to the eye.  

So the neat brass box hinges are solid, highly polished, well-made hinges with countersunk screw holes which are perfect for precision made, beautiful boxes that deserve the highest quality hardware.


WHEN are brass hinges used?

Neat brass box hinges are used when precision, durability and aesthetics are of the utmost importance to the finished piece.  The hinges are specifically for bespoke, quality boxes with the larger hinges catering for larger boxes which have heavier lids.  Small is beautiful and we recommend our neat brass hinge and neat stainless steel hinge on meduim sized boxes, for their strength and aesthetic appeal. The smaller neat hinge is supplied with 16mm No.3 brass screws and comes as a pair.

For larger boxes, or indeed boxes with heavy lids, we have been developing our own large neat hinge and have successfully been using it ourselves over the past few years.  After a few minor modifications to suit the international marketplace they are 60mm long x 9.5mm wide and the widely available 3/8“ cutter is used to fit these robust hinges which are sold in pairs.  From a visual and physical strength perspective a large neat hinge is proportionately ideal for larger boxes.

If you were to use a small hinge on a large box then there is a possibility that the screws would start to pull out with a heavy lid over time.  So while a small hinge is ideal for smaller boxes, you really need a large hinge to support heavier, larger box lids and this is where the Large Neat Hinge comes into play.


HOW are brass box hinges used?

Our brass hinges come sold in pairs and with full fitting instructions.  Once you place an order online the instructions are emailed with your order details to download and print.  Instructions can also be downloaded from the description section for the brass hinge.  The brass hinge instructions explain how to set your router table up properly to cut the mortises.  Test cuts are advisable to avoid mistakes.  They also give advice on troubleshooting misalignment, how best to drill the screw holds and also how to achieve slot alignment. 

Two sets of screws are provided with the brass hinges – the first set is for the initial fitting of the hinges and the second set are for use when the box is complete and the brass hinges are ready to be added at the end.

Ideally you would match the brass box hinges with our brass lock, also known as the Neat Team, for a perfect finish to your box.