Neat Trim Write-up

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Paul Mayon (New English Workshop) checks out the Neat Trim in his latest Blog

This is a Neat Trim made by Ian Hawthorne.  

Do we plan to sell it? Nope. There is no vested interest here.

Is it a really nice tool to work with? Utterly. I use it all the time for any veneer cutting (actually I also use it for trimming paper edges with a scalpel but don’t tell Ian).Is that a veneered box I made underneath it? Why, yes it is.

It makes trimming veneer overhang on flat work crisp, quick and easy. It is quick to use – produces crisp edges – and provides consistently clean results on all veneers. Even quite thick ones.
No need to setup the router with a flush trim bit. The Neat Trim removes the risk of tear out on fragile veneers or bearing damaging your prefinished interior.

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