MINI - Neat Hinge II - Brass - Out of Stock
    MINI - Neat Hinge II - Brass - Out of Stock MINI - Neat Hinge II - Brass - Out of Stock

MINI - Neat Hinge II - Brass - Out of Stock

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The Mini Neat Hinge II Brass will be in stock - End of April 2017 - thank you for your interest.  We will post out all pre-orders once the items are received.

Introducing the newest member of the Neat Team - The MINI Neat II Hinge.  This petite and beautifully formed hinge is available in polished solid Brass or in polished solid stainless steel. It is ideal for smaller quality boxes that demand the best quality and best fitting hardware on the market.  The design has a built-in stop which is a totally uniquie design making it the strongest siderail hinge in the UK.  The knuckle is fully rounded with no sunken areas. Sunken areas in hinges can cause weakness as the remaining material around the pin is very small. With a very smooth open and close action, great closure alignment and virtually no side to side play the Neat II is simply the best box hinge available! 

The design has a built-in stop, keeping the box lid at 92 degrees. Each leaf is 6mm wide and 2.4mm thick. Length from pin centre is 29.5mm.  The knuckle is Fully Rounded.

Includes 2 hinges, and 2 sets of machine screws (M2x10mm).

Click here for Fitting Instructions on Mini Neat Hinge II.

Our NEAT HARDWARE is designed by Ian Hawthorne and includes the neat hinge, neat lock, neat tray handles and neat trim. The New NEAT HINGE, MARK II supersedes the original neat hinge, to become the EASIEST TO FIT HINGE on the market due to its fully rounded knuckle. The 3 steps are – ROUT. DRILL. FIT. The new design is also super STRONG, so you can have the CONFIDENCE that the Neat Hinge II is more than up to the job. Finally the Neat Lock and Neat Tray Handles complement both Neat Hinge models – the Neat Hinge and Neat Hinge II.



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