Box Escutcheon  - New Veneer Stock
    Box Escutcheon  - New Veneer Stock Box Escutcheon  - New Veneer Stock

Box Escutcheon - New Veneer Stock

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* Escutcheon Veneer:

Our latest escutcheon designs are a selection of quality veneers with borders in sycamore and black veneer and accurately cut keyholes, which will be an impressive addition to any box.


Dimensions -

Rectangle - 38mm width x 25mm height x 0.6mm thickness approx

Oval - 24mm width at widest point x 30mm height x 0.6mm thickness approx

Everything is in stock -

  1. Mother of pearl rectangle (1st top),
  2. Walnut burr rectangle (second down),
  3. Ripple sycamore rectangle (3rd down),
  4. Walnut (4th at bottom) 
  5. Mother of pearl Oval (top right)
  6. Walnut Oval (bottom right)

Rectangular and Oval mother of pearl escutcheon, please read the following fitting instructions

·         This escutcheon needs to be inlaid so that it sits proud by 0.15mm to the box surface to allow for sanding.

·         Glue the escutcheon into position with the brown paper side facing out to you

·         Once the glue has dried, you can then remove the brown paper by gently scraping or sanding it off to reveal the mother of pearl and border underneath. 

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